And so it begins…

I guess we should start off with some introductions. Hi my name is Wincy. I am married to my wonderful high school sweetheart,  Jimmy. We have to 2 amazing boys.

So you can put a face to the names here is our Christmas card from 2010:

another DIY attempt… family pictures we took by ourselves at home.

This has been in the back of our mind for a long time. Jimmy and I have been talking about starting a blog to keep track of all the big and little tiny things we attempt. We have been DIYer’s for a very long time. Or at least it seems like it.  We never really had a lot of money to hire someone to do work for us. So we would try things for ourself. After completing our first project together, we came to the conclusion that we loved every minute of it. It gave us a creative outlet and time to bond.  We have saved a lot of money in labor cost that’s for sure.

Our course we have made our share of mistakes along the way. But learned a lot from our mistakes.  Sure we have our challenges when taking on a project. Our first project was to paint our living room. I think we spent over $200 to on paint that we didn’t use. Or paint we tested out and didn’t like. I remember when we first went to the store to pick out paint colors. We decide to  do a faux paint treatment. Let me just say we just couldn’t get it right. The first wall we started on had 3 different color/pattern. It looked horrible. But we ended up finding a color we liked and just stuck with just painting it the old fashion way. When I look back  to that day which was almost 10 years ago…. I wonder what were we thinking.  

There is something about doing things yourself that makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. For example if we were to redo something in our house by ourselves at the end of it all it makes our house feel more like home.  Usually when we are working on  a project together we are not on the same page. We each have our own ideas and a different sense of style. At the end of the project it all works out. Then we just sit around and admire it for a few days.

So I thought this blog could help us see what we have done in the past and what we have learned from our mistakes.  It’s like our journal of what we have accomplished and where we have failed.  Maybe it would also be a way to help others learn from our successes and failures through our journey of Doing things ourselves.

I have to say our DIY attempts could not have been accomplished without Jimmy. I think he is very smart when it comes to fixing a problem. He is very talented. I am so thankful for him.

So hope you enjoy following us on our journey and hopefully this blog helps a few people along the way.

Enjoy, Wincy!

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