Ikea Wardrobe Hack

It has been a while since the last post. Please accept my apologies. I will try to be more on top of posting on a regular basis.

So Jimmy and I completed this project about a year ago, and I’ve wanted to post it since we started this blog. Of course when I went to look for the pictures they were nowhere to be found. I thought it might have been on our hard drive that crashed a little while ago. But realized it was still on our old computer. I finally have the pictures to share with you.

A while back Jimmy got a call from one of our neighbors asking for help putting together an Ikea wardrobe. After we went over to help we kind of wanted one as well, but we didn’t know where we would actually put it in our room. So we decided against it, at least for the time being. Of course when we get an idea in our head it never goes away forever.

We decided to hold off on the wardrobe idea and move our efforts to our office (come back for that post). We decided to go to Ikea to get a desk and some shelves for the office. While we were at Ikea we decided to look at the wardrobes they had available. After walking around, we knew we wanted one for sure, but it was really out of our price range, which kind of put a damper on our idea for the wardrobe.

Since we were at Ikea for the office, we went and got what we needed for that project. As we were walking to check out we saw the AS IS section!! We got really excited because we saw a few thing in the section we could really use for the wardrobe. We knew we had to come back when we decided what to do with the wardrobe idea.

We didn’t have the room for the wardrobe in our bedroom so we decided to put the wardrobe in our closet. We have a closet that has 2 sliding doors. The inside of the closet had wire shelving. On the left side we store all the clothes that were folded and hung the clothes on the right side.

It looked like this (beware these pictures are graphic and are not for those who faint easily):

07-10-sd 337


07-10-sd 335

It was a horrible mess. We hated the fact we couldn’t find anything in it… or that it took forever to find something.

We measured our closets and looked at the Ikea catalog to see if we could fit one of their wardrobes in our closet. Lucky for us our closet was the right size for the wardrobe.

So we went back to Ikea to check out the AS IS section. We were able to find one part of the wardrobe. In the AS IS section all the items are already put together. Some of the items have scratches, dents or cracks. If you ever buy something AS IS just make sure that you can fix it or if you will be able to see the imperfections. Also everything is already built so make sure you bring a vehicle that is big enough to hold the item. Ikea doesn’t allow you to hold anything that is As Is.

We bought the first half of the wardrobe and stored it in our basement since we didn’t want to start the project until we had everything we needed. We weren’t sure how often Ikea put items in the AS IS sections. So we went back again a week later and saw the other half of the wardrobe that we needed. We also bought a couple of drawers and shelf and went home.

We started the project the following day. It was difficult but great. Here is a picture of the closet before and after we took out the wire shelving.

07-10-sd 343


07-10-sd 346

The next job was trying to fit the wardrobe into the closet. The measurement of the inside of the closet and the wardrobe with both pieces were pretty much exact with maybe 4 inches total of wiggle room on the side. This made it difficult to just slide the wardrobe into the closet. The only thing we could do was take the whole wardrobe apart and build it inside the closet. That didn’t work either. We ended up cutting about 1 inch off the height of the wardrobe so that we fit it inside the closet because the height of the wardrobe and closet were the same.

Jimmy cut down the height of the wardrobe about an inch. He made couple of holes on the top piece of the wardrobe to put the lighting it. Since the lighting we had in the closet had a pull cord. Jimmy attached the lighting and wired the light to have a switch we could turn on and off.  Then we took the top piece and screwed it back to the 2 side pieces. We also attached the backing of the wardrobe to the 3 pieces.

Here is a picture of the closet with parts of the wardrobe in:

07-10-sd 356

We put in the bottom piece of the wardrobe in the closet and then put the top piece in and Jimmy secured it to the 3 other pieces. Then we did the same thing for the other side.  It was really difficult to put everything in the closet and to build it because there wasn’t room for the tools. Of course it took quite a bit of shifting and force but we were able to put the wardrobe in the closet.  I wish I had pictures of us struggling to get it into the closet it would have been funny to see. All I have to say is, where there is a will there is a way.

Here is our new improved closet. We love it!!

07-10-sd 377

This project cost would have cost anywhere from $850- $1000+ but since we are always looking for a deal we only spent $220. We added a few things to the closet since we finished this project. I will post pictures in a later post.

Now that is what you call a steal!! What do you think?? We learned a lot from this project and we would to love answer any questions.

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