You Paid WHAAATTT!?!

We are probably one of the last people to get a flat screen TV in our house. We could never really justify spending the money on a new TV. So we never really went out looking for one or buy one. I mean, who wouldn’t want a flat screen TV in the their house?? Well if you don’t watch TV I guess you wouldn’t want one. The best thing about a flat screen is that fact that it doesn’t take up any room. When you live in a small place a flat screen TV makes a difference.

Jimmy and I have always wanted one, but like I said we couldn’t justify buying a new TV. Even when our last TV broke we ended getting a free one to replace it. Spending several hundreds of dollars never really made sense to us, especially when we could use that money to pay a bill. 😉

A few months back Jimmy called me from work. He told me he had gone to his friend’s store during lunch. While he was there he had gotten a broken TV. Yup, I said broken. I told him he better not bring it home. He came home from work and there it was in our house. He kept telling me, “don’t worry I will fix it.” Of course I said, “sure you will and when you don’t it will sit in our basement and collect dust.”

I was a little upset. You wives know how husbands are… they say they are going to do something and it never gets done. Then they finally get tired of the nagging and start to work on whatever they said they would do. Sometimes it gets done and sometimes it gets done halfway and sometimes it doesn’t even get touched or looked at.

Lucky for us, I’m not a nag and he does everything he says he will. 😉

This TV sat in our house for a couple of days. Then one day Jimmy came home from work with some tools and parts. Within minutes he had the TV open and the power supply board out. He sat in the living room with a soldering iron and power supply board in front of him. He examined the board. He saw that one of the capacitors was slightly raised. Trust me when I tell you this, when I looked at it I couldn’t even tell what he was talking about. He took that piece off and replaced it with a new one. This probably took him a total of 30 minutes to complete.

Power supply board with raised capacitor:

pictures 140

Things used to fix the board:

pictures 153

I was surprised when we put it all back together it actually turned on. I was reminded that day to never doubt him. Yes even after being married for almost 10 years I still forget that he is able to do things that some just would never even attempt.

The TV that Jimmy brought home was a Samsung. After Jimmy did some research he found out that Samsungs are known for having this problem. All you people who own a Samsung TV please don’t throw it out, save your money and fix it.

I did a little research on what it would have cost to buy a brand new 32-inch TV. It would cost anywhere from $379.99 to about $700. For this TV we spent $2.50. Can you believe it? I couldn’t. Now that’s a steal. I think this is the best DIY project ever. Can you guys beat that price?


pictures 148a



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