Teacher Appreciation, part 2

I don’ t know if you read our post about Luke’s present for his teacher. Well if you didn’t, I hope you have some time read the first post about teacher appreciation.

As you know we couldn’t leave out the other teachers’ presents. Luke has 5 other teachers that he has classes with. I am a huge fan of personalized gifts… not to mention I love cute magnets. There are a lot of different magnets out there. You have probably seen those glass magnets out there. I love the designs they have in between the glass and the magnet. We decided that the magnets would be a good idea because they could use it at home or in their class.

I knew I could use the glass marbles that are used in vases to make these magnets. I also knew I could used scrapbook paper for the design. The thing that I didn’t know what to use to glue the paper to the glass marble. I went to Micheal’s and Joann Fabrics. Trying to find the right glue. Of course when I asked the sales associates in the store they didn’t know what to suggest. So I figured I would google it. One tutorial said to use silicone glue. No clue what that was, but knew I was not finding anywhere.

I came home with some crazy glue that one of the sales associate suggested. Tested it, and guess what…. It didn’t work. I talked to Jimmy to help me figure out what to do… I told him that I needed silicone glue and he was like, “I have that”. HELLO!! Why didn’t I ask him before I left to search for the glue.

 Below is a picture of what we used in this project.


I had some leftover scrapbook paper from other projects so I decided to use them. We printed the teachers names on the scrapbook paper. 

Then put a dab of silicone glue on the glass marbles and stuck it to the sheets of paper. When pushing down on the glass marble I made sure that the glue covered the whole area of the glass marble.  We let the glue dry for a couple of days. Then cut around the glass marble with an exacto knife. Then used the hot glue gun to glue the magnets to the glass. We ended up putting 2 magnets on each of the glass marbles. We wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t slide down.


Luke loved helping out with this project. Don’t worry I didn’t let him go near the exacto knife. He just helped with the gluing. Luke also put a little note for each teacher with the magnets. Here’s a couple of pictures of how they turned out.



I hope the teachers enjoy them. We loved them, so we made some for us as well. 😉 What do you guys think??

3 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation, part 2

  1. Wow! What a great idea! Very impressive? Out of curiosity…how big are the marbles you used? They look huge on the pictures!

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