So I have been MIA for quite a bit. I am sorry. It seems that life sometimes just gets away from me. Does that even make sense?? Since the last time I posted all this has happened:

  • Flew to NY for a wedding. Luke was the ring bearer… not to mention the cutest one I have every seen.
  • Came back to Chicago to find out that Luke’s school was closing(heartbreaking news).
  • Scrambling to enroll him into another school.
  • School year ending… which was so sad to see. But so thankful that Luke was able to be there for 2 years.
  • Touring new schools left and right.
  • Jimmy and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary(can’t believe it). So thankful for him in my life.
  • Our basement flooding after a big storm.
  • Crafty mode while making centerpieces for my cousin’s engagement.
  • Family came in for my cousin’s engagement.
  • Luke’s 1st piano recital.
  • Preparing for High 5.
  • Volunteering for High 5
  • Helping Jimmy’s cousin with wedding invitations

…. and it goes on and on. Not to mention all the things in between. Don’t want to bore you with all the details.

Do any of you have kids that are able to dress themselves or have an opinion on what they want to wear. Sometimes it turns into a battle when its time to get ready. Usually it ends up causing a mess in their room. I know with my boys they like to dig around in their dresser drawers to find something to wear. They actually know what they want to wear but just can’t find it. I have the same problem at times. If you don’t have that problem consider it a blessing.

When it comes time to doing the laundry and folding the clothes… I’m the lucky one. I do it most of the time. I hate folding, actually hate is too strong of a word I dislike it very much. Not to mention it gets me irritated when I go to put the clothes away and the dresser drawers are a complete mess. Everything that was just organized is all over the place and not longer properly folded.

I really like to have my clothes folded the way you see a neatly stocked clothing store. I guess it has to do with working in retail. Probably also the reason why I can’t shop in a messy store.  When your shirts and pants are folded that way its hard to see what is below all the other clothes. It works for a clothing store cause they stack all the same shirts are in a nice neat pile.

While I was putting away all the folded laundry in the kids room I thought it would be a the perfect time to organize their clothes. Their drawer looked like the whirlwind of what our life consisted of the past several weeks.


While flying to NY I read in a magazine that the best way to pack your clothes is to roll. I’ve heard this before. The article stated that if you roll your clothes you end up having more room and less wrinkle.  Of course I packed our luggage this way on our trip back to Chicago. It worked great especially since we had clothing and shoes for the 4 of us packed into 2 carry-ons. We ended up with more room. This was definitely a blessing since the plane on our way back was so small that you could barely stand straight in. The flight attendants ended up walking by everyone at the gate to check  their carry-ons. They gave a red tag to everyone they felt had a too big of a carry-on and told them the would have to check it before boarding the plane. Lucky for us… we weren’t one of them, since our carry-ons had enough room this time around.

So this is what the boys drawers look like now after rolling all the folded clothes



What do you think? I just folded them like I did before but folded the shirts in half and rolled their bottoms. Its been more than a month and the drawers look the same. I can’t complain and the boys love that they are able to see each piece of clothing before taking it out. I haven’t had to re-fold anything!! Jimmy and I are happy parents when it comes to getting the boys ready now. Not to mention they have a lot more room to grow in the drawers.

2 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. That looks fantastic! I’m inspired to do my clothes like that. p.s. as someone who also worked in retail, whenever I have time, I board-fold my/my bf’s shirts. Hope you’re all well! 🙂

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