I can’t believe that I have neglected my blogging for so long. It’s not that I forgot I had the blog, but just finding time to sit down. Since my last post a lot has changed. I think this would just be a good time to just let you know what is going on.

Luke and Ethan started going to a new school. We have had mixed feeling about this new school. We have had our emotional ups and downs, but overall they enjoy their school. Of course this is the first time Ethan is going to school. Lets just say he was not a happy camper in the beginning. He just wanted to stay at home with me. I think he finally realized he has NO CHOICE!!  Luke liked the fact that he would be going to a school with 2 of his friends in class. I think it made the transition a little easier. He still has his moments of saying that he misses his old school. I think we all still miss it and the community that was there. 😦

The next major change in our life has been moving out of our townhouse after 10 years! After putting our place on the market we received an offer within 5 days. God has been really good to us during the whole process. I am still amazed at how everything went so smoothly. Of course with the sale of our place we decided that moving in with my family would be the next step. When I asked my parents they were like WHAT we don’t have room for all of you. My parents being the loving parents they are agreed. It is definitely a full house. In the mean time we are looking for a new house to make our home.

We thought that moving into my parents house would be really difficult for all of us. The thought never occurred to us, a house that I lived in and called “home” for about 7 years and then left for 10 years when we got married would ever be a place I would come back to live in and call “home”. My parents have said, “this isn’t my home, it is our home”. I have to agree this will always be my home. Sure we all have our moments and adjustments but it has been great.  I have a greater appreciation for my parents and my sisters. I guess I have matured a little bit.

Within a week of moving in I hear news at work that they are looking into outsourcing my team. The big guys at work have received several bids from outside companies. So we will know in about 2 weeks if it will really happen. My company has been laying off people for about 3 years. It has been an emotional roller coaster. Seeing people you have worked with for so long leave and being afraid that I would be the next to one be let go.

But through all of this we have learned so much. We learned that one thing is certain and will never change and that God is always faithful. He will never change even when we are and everything around us is changing. He is will always there to work everything out for our good in His perfect timing. That all we ever need to do is trust God.

With us moving and live out of boxes at the moments project have been at a stand still. My post might be a little sporadic as well while we transition. We will try our hardest to post as much as we can.

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